VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol) is actually an internet telephone system which will allow you to make cheaper or completely free of cost phone calls. As VoIP has now been developed you can communicate using VoIP on your own computer rather than using a telephone.

VoIP is free when you use it with computer and with mobiles and landlines (sometimes) too, but if used to replace PSTN, it will come with a cost.

However, the price will still be low as compared to normal phone call costs which mean that many individuals can enjoy phone calls without worrying about its price.

VoIP have many different providers which mean that the rates for each call would vary.

If you are calling from VoIP to VoIP then it is normally free with most providers. When it comes to making international calls, the charges are different for each country that every VoIP provider has.

If you are using VoIP on a computer rather than on phone, you can be able to contact others free of any cost. This is happens with most of the calls but even if in some cases you have to pay it would be usually very cheap.

If you possess a VoIP account with any of the VoIP providers, you are able to call anywhere in the world by using that account with a broadband connection. According to the law of government of some countries, particularly in the middle-east, using of VoIP is forbidden. You can relate the VoIP charges with the help of VoIP relating sites.

The most important thing is that you need to find a suitable VoIP provider which would suit your situation (call requirements, rates etc.) before using it because of the variation in the call charges from country to country per minute.

If you want to use VoIP through computer, you have to download and then install VoIP provider software and then register your account, verification of your telephone number, and then you would get your (local access) number and lastly buy credit. With VoIP you are ableto call landlines or mobiles in anywhere in the world. Calls to landlines will be cheaper ascompared to the cost of calling on mobiles.

After 3G was introduced, high speed mobile internets and Wi-Fi, are able to access VoIP with advanced mobile phones of course. Say for example if you are using an application it would be possible to call from anywhere to anywhere by using an iPhone 4. Many VoIP providers are giving the local access numbers that can be a local landline number of that particular city or it can be a toll free number.

However now it is quite easy to make VoIP calls from your iPhone by using applications like skype, fring, mobile VoIP, icall, talkatone- thanks to the introduction of Iphone4. With the usage of mobile VoIP and applications similar to these you can easily login with your VoIP provider’s id and are able to make calls anywhere. For getting higher quality calls, you need to have Wi-Fi or 3G network.